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Gift Box 100% Iberico Ham of Acorn 30 envelopes + Taquitos


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Ingredients: Iberian Pork Ham, common salt, sugar, sugars (lactose), preservatives (E-250, E252) and Antioxidants (E-301, E-331).

Production: Extremadura

Elaboration: After the inspection of the channels, the pieces are identified individually within each production lot; later they are cut, they are bled and they go to refrigeration chambers during 24 hours, then they are outlined, they are nitrified and they are classified by weight, they pass to salting containers and later to post-oiling chambers they undergo a process of curing in dryers and cellar of At least 36 months, they are finally labeled.

Sales format: Approximately 30 envelopes of 100grs more with taquitos. vacuum packed.

Presentation: Gourmet Box of Dehesa del Conde.

Conditions of use: As it is a vacuum packed product, it is recommended to keep it refrigerated for its preservation and to remove at room temperature, at least two hours before consumption, open the package 15 minutes before consuming, so that it recovers all its characteristics organoleptic.

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